2020 International Surface Event

The state of our oceans and waters is of great concern to many, even those who don't want think about human influence to the planet and the climate change that we are going through. There are movies and documentaries about trash islands floating in the Pacific, plastic swimming in the Atlantic, strangled turtles and pelicans, and all kinds of other trouble that's brewing slowly but surely.

Installation Overflow

Governments, organizations, activist groups, celebrities, climatologists, and finally some industries are joining the effort and leading the way to save our environment and leave our Earth habitable for future generations. While a lot of continuous work is needed in every front, even the smallest personal effort counts.

International Surface Event

Mohawk Flooring is joining conservation and recycling efforts with its own plastic bottle reclaim and reuse initiative. The company introduced its program in Las Vegas at the International Surface Event during January 28-30 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Last year alone, the company recycled over 6 billion plastic bottles and wanted to showcase that with an interactive art installation by Brooklyn artist Basia Goszczynska.

Mohawk Flooring the Imagination

The installation was expansive, stunning, and quite eye opening. It was designed to help people visualize the true impact and threat that plastics pose to our waters today and in the future if nothing is done. The exposition is made of plastic bottles, recycled and reclaimed materials, and Mohawk carpet components.

The installation was called "Overflow" and its ultimate purpose was to showcase how corporate responsibility and large-scale reusing can make a huge positive impact, how innovative thinking can design new ways of production and reduce plastic waste.

Exposition visitors were able to follow the process of how recycled bottles are collected, crushed, ground, and then made into pellets and finally into carpets, preventing them from floating in the ocean.

Mohawk Sop Plastic Installation

Recycled carpet strands can be found in EverStrand and EnviroStarnd carpets produced by Mohawk. The entire recycling process is called Continuum and is patented.

Mohawk Powerful Brands

Not many people know that Mohawk is one of the largest plastic bottle recyclers in North America. This message might encourage new customers to look into Mohawk carpeting, which is the ultimate marketing goal, but the cleanup of oceans is a wonderful side effect.

Stop Plastic Installation

Quite amazingly every square yard of Mohawk carpeting contains about 63 recycled plastic bottles. If that doesn't make you feel good about buying a carpet, we don't know what will!


Mohawk is inviting all of us to take a minute and think how our actions and developing technology are impacting nature, which can't adapt as fast as we can and thus is taking a blow after blow. Each one of us doesn't have to belong to an organization to take responsibility of our actions and to do our share of clean up.

Overflow exposition invites spectators to participate by giving away their plastic bottles, lounging on the carpeted beach, and talking to specialists on hand who can answer questions and offer some scientific information and insights. The composition was made of materials that were brought from Summerville, Georgia recycling facility.

Mohawk Recycle

The creator of it was also on hand in Las Vegas to help people understand our impact and ways to slow down the pollution. Basia Goszczynska is aware that most of us have heard about the state of our oceans, but seeing the sculpture like that helps make the matter seem as urgent as it really is. We should pay attention to every bottle we discard and every plastic bag we so carelessly throw away after just one trip from grocery store to the house. She herself cares deeply and was thankful for the opportunity to bring this issue up on such a large scale stage.


The main idea to take away from this art and from Mohawk company philosophy was that useless objects can actually have value when they are put back in use. The work of art and education created by the collaboration of a responsible company and a talented artist served as a tool to encourage us to take a look around and to do the right thing household by household if we want our Earth and its inhabitants to have a fighting chance of survival.

Plastic Bottle Reclaim

You can contact Mohawk if you want to learn more about their ongoing recycling efforts and which products mirror their policy of environmental responsibility.